A big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Festival. 

The 2015 Festival will be held on September 26 and 27, 2015.  Please check back here in mid March 2015 for information regarding the artist application process and application materials.  Applications will be due in mid April 2015.

2014 Accepted Artists (Listed in Alphabetical Order)  


“Art is to the soul what garlic is to the palate.”

Just as garlic spices our daily food, art and craft spice our daily life. This festival brings together hidden handmade treasures from the North Quabbin region: people working in small workshops to make beautifully crafted things by hand. Some artisans are professionals who ordinarily sell their work in galleries and festivals outside the area. Others are amateurs who feel the need to create after their “day jobs” are over. The festival is the place to meet the artists and craftspeople of the region, and to enjoy conversations with people who love what they do.

Art Bug Art Bug - Chaldea Emerson Deyman – Montague, MA: Watercolor illustrations inspired by farm life and folk music.

Baldwin Candle Company Baldwin Hill Candle Co. – Thomas Brouillet and Kristin Stanley – Phillipston, MA: Hand poured soy candles in a variety of clean-burning, dye-free scents.

Barbara Goldstein Designs – Pelham MA: Fiber Arts

Belle Wood Creations Belle Wood Creations – Gary Bellemare – Athol MA: Wood Artistry.

  Blue Dog Leather and Saddles -Keith LaRiviere – Orange, MA: Full service leather shop offering a wide range of custom made accessories.

  Bouncing Bet Soap Bouncing Bet Soap Works – Vicky Sandiford and Alicia Lichoulas Orange, MA:  Cold-process soap created in small batches using organic oils, fresh herbs and essential oils.  

Creative EndeavorsCreative Endeavors – Karen Mathers – Leverett,MA:  Hand-knit items, beaded jewelry, and natural soaps and moisturizers.

Cricket on the Hearth Handweaving – Dvora Cohen – Wendell, MA:

Day Lone-Wolf Jewelry Day Lone-Wolf Jewelry – Day Lone-Wolf – Orange, MA: Silver and cut stone jewelry.

Deb Hendrickson & Rosemarie Haley - Athol, MA: Sewing and Knitting creations.

 Deer Run Studio Deer Run Studio - Bonnie Lynne Waterhouse – Barre, MA: Bonnie handcrafts her jewelry from recycled  silver, copper, brass, stones and crystal.  Her metal work  includes soldering, hammering, and stamping using a variety of symbolic stamps, words and empowering phrases.

dragonfly_designs_product_image_2  Dragonfly Designs – Melinda LeLacheur – Shutesbury, MA: Crafting for health and happiness with natural heat/cold therapeutic pillows (some with lavender), stuffed animals, bags from new and upcycled materials, beaded bugs and other handcrafts that will bring a little smile to everyone’s life.

 Flora-Ly – Linda Ruel Flynn – Orange, MA:  Pressed flower bouquets from the most treasured moments in our lives.

Good Dirt Pottery  Good Dirt Pottery – Jaye Pope – Montague, MA: Hand made stoneware and porcelain dinner ware.

 Joy Friedman Pottery – Leverett, MA: Decorative, colorful, and functional pottery.

 Just Beaded – Shasta Slade, Wendell, MA: Fine, quality beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Kaleidescope of Gems and Jewelry – Amanda Serrell – Wendell, MA:

Laureen SheaLaureen Shea – Leverett, MA: Original watercolors prints and cards depicting colorful creatures and nature scenes.

mount grace Linda Mahoney Woodblock Prints – Linda Mahoney, Northfield, MA: Using Moku Hanga, the Japanese watercolor art of woodblock printmaking, Linda designs and carves wood blocks using brushes to apply watercolor paints and printing with a hand-held baren.

Lou's Upcycles  Lou’s Upcycles - S. Lou Leelyn – Wendell, MA: Accessories created from fused un-recyclable, post-consumer plastic packaging.

 Lydia Grey – Orange, MA:  Lydia is a self-taught potter making creative, ceramic sculpture for over a decade. Her artwork is inspired by feelings, myths, stories, and dreams. Her sculptures portray imaginative, human emotion in three-dimensional pots.

Madsahara Art  Madsahara Art – Sarah Adam – Orange, MA: In addition to illustration, Sarah’s painting focuses on silhouettes and patterns made by natural and manu- factured objects, including tree branches, vines, and icicles.

Moon and Sundries - Poppies Pillow  Moon and Sundries – Karen Ducey –  Shutesbury, MA: Colorful gifts and accessories for the delightfully eclectic – all handcrafted.

Bowl-Kaffee Fassett New England Fiber Arts - Sandra Tobin – New Salem, MA: Sandy’s passion lies in making practical items that are both functional and artistically distinction. What sets her work apart is her versatility, choice of fabrics and her use of color, coupled with fine workmanship.

 Patrick Zephyr Nature Photography – Pelham, MA: Professional landscape/nature photography specializing in the wild places, flora and fauna of the North Quabbin area.

round bowl black walnut Peterman Bowls and Boards – Spencer Peterman – Gill, MA:  Lathe turned bowls created from locally fallen hardwoods.

Photos From the Valley Photos from the Valley - Paul Sihvonen-Binder –  New Salem,  MA: Photographic work capturing the beauty to be found in this area’s myriad, and often overlooked details.  Notice the Usual.

R & M Caning and Woodwork – Renee and Mark Wingertsman – Petersham, MA: Hand carved and painted birdhouses and hand caned chairs

Rough Magic Designs and Blackcrow Arts – Elizabeth Smith and Heather Clark – Millers Falls, MA:

Rob Sacco R Sacco Oil On Canvas – Rob Sacco – Orange, MA: Abstract oil paintings by R. Sacco, saturated with bold colors and exciting textures, full of life and energy.

Simple Shoemaking Simple Shoemaking – Sharon Raymond – Shutesbury, MA:  Shoes created using the “stitch-down” shoemaking process, in which the bottom edge of the upper part of the shoe is turned out, then is cemented and stitched to the topsole.

Snowflake Mittens Snowflake Mittens – Lettie Posk & Raenette Kramer – Athol, MA: Mittens made from recycled wool sweaters.

Splendid Toad Art Farm Splendid Toad Art Farm – Kim Parkhurst – Winchendon, MA: Bringing whimsical creatures to life in paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Spoon River Jewelry Spoon River Jewelry – Deva and Trish Casimira- Wendell, MA:  Redesigning antique silverplate silverware into wind chimes, earrings, spoon rings, bracelets, barrettes, pendants and other jewelry and accessories.

Susan Mulholland Silkscreen  Susan Mulholland Silk Screen - Susan Mulholland – Leverett, MA: Hand screened notecards and t-shirts inspired by the wildlife surrounding Leverett Pond.  

 Swift River Glass – Ina Peebles – Wendell, MA: Fused, enameled, & stained glass.

Thrown Stone Ceramics Thrown Stone Ceramics – Joanne McDonough – Wendell, MA: Wheel thrown functional ceramics.

Turn, Turn, Turn Turn, Turn, Turn – Sam Scherer – Orange, MA: Hand Turned, Lathe bowls of  local wood — cherry, walnut, maple, and birch.

WEAVING ARTcetera WEAVING ARTcetera – Adele Smith-Penniman – Wendell, MA: Unique woven bags and wall hangings incorporating diverse fibers, feathers and beads. The artisan, Adele Smith-Penniman of Wendell, also sews bags, belts, journals and other “the perfect gift”creations that juxtapose the vibrant colors and patterns of Indonesian batik fabric.

Nora in Ruffled Tank Top & Capris 2T Wild Child Tie-Dyes – Jodi Levine – Pelham, MA: Jodi Levine has been tie dyeing since 1989, making bright, colorful clothing for the whole family.  She uses only sweatshop-free garments, organic cotton wherever possible, and professional dyes that won’t fade or wash out.


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