Renewable Energy

Interested in renewable energy and energy conservation? We are! The North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival is committed to strengthening our communities, and this means promoting energy self-reliance and education about how to reduce consumption, waste and use renewable forms of energy.

Be sure to read about the renewable energy talks that happen each day from 12:00-4:00 in the  “energy tent”. This year many of the talks focus on growing, raising, or storing your own food with less of a carbon footprint. At left, Brian of North Quabbin Energy explains “winserts” – home-made window inserts. Conservation is first in the holy trinity of energy consciousness – conservation, efficiency, renewables.

  • North Quabbin Energy: Get your questions answered by members of this informal group providing guidance and inspiration to citizens of the 9 towns in the North Quabbin area.
  • Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics (PV²): Come see the ‘gear’ and hear the music on a stage that is powered by a solar electric system.
  • Seeds of Solidarity’s SOL Patrol van: See another solar electric system used to power appliances for their food vending booth and the Family Stage.
  • CO-OP Power: Grass roots at its best, they are a member based organization bringing solar hot water, home weatherizations, and more to Western Mass.
  • Ben’s Bins and Phoenix Composting Toilets: See food scraps become compost right before your eyes with Ben’s working worm composting demonstration bin. Learn the basics of worm composting, share your experiences, or pick up a bin for your own use. And, learn how to conserve water and close the nutrient cycle with waterless toilets and graywater recycling. You’ll be flush with new ideas!
  • Genesis One LLC: Get toasted with Mike Dabrowski’s deep-dish solar cooker. Check out his other inventions powered by the greatest source of life on earth – our Sun. Here is “thinking outside the box” at its best!