Renewable Energy & Local Living Talks

All of the talks are held in the renewable energy/local living tent. For talk details visit North Quabbin Energy.

Here is a pre-view for 2014 (check back soon for more details)

 SATURDAY, Sept 27th

 12:00 – The Secrets in the Soil:  How life simply gives way to life, Rich Field

1:00 - Un-Natural Natural Gas – “Think About It”,

2:00 – Flower Empower for Bee-sake, Tom Sullivan

 3:00 – Zero-Net Energy for the new Quabbin Harvest Market, Amy Borezo & Karl Bittenbender 

SUNDAY, Sept 28th

 12:00 – Plugging into the Sun, Mike Dabrowski

1:00 – Ask the House Doctor, Peter Talmage

 2:00 – Hands-on Seed Saving Techniques, Gail Mason & Nina Renshaw Powers. They can be found on Facebook at Moonlight Turtle Lodge.

3:00 – The Return of the American Chestnut Tree, Lois & Denis Melican, American Chestnut Foundation