Organizers and Supporters

The North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival is organized by a volunteer committee of neighbors and Seeds of Solidarity Education Center, a non-profit organization. Supporters include the Forster/Stewart Family, and 200 community volunteers.  The members of the organizing committee are listed below.

Agriculture Ricky Baruc
Artists Lou Leelyn
Diane Nassif
Chef Demos Carol Hillman
Hope Davis
Cathleen O’Keefe
Community Grants Deb Habib
Lydia Grey
Community Organizations Lydia Grey
Exhibitor Ways to Participate Deb Habib
Lou Leelyn
Family Stage Josefa Scherer
Field Layout Kelly Laughton
Food Laura Pepper
Healing Arts Janet Masucci
Host Dory Forster
Kids Activities Deb Habib
Lydia Grey
Nina Wellen
Music Stage Jim McRae
Parking Bruce Scherer
Recycling and Composting Deb Habib
Renewable Energy Janice & Steve Kurkoski
Site Operations Bruce Scherer
Information and Sales MaryEllen Kennedy
Sally Howe
Volunteers Paula Boyle
Vicki Sandiford (parking)
Word, Stories and Song Stage Paul Richmond
Treasurer Rachel Scherer

Organizers pretending to relax. Photo by Janice Kurkoski