Photo Gallery for the First Festival in 1999

Watch this video if you want to learn about how the very first Festival was imagined and created in 1999.  Lydia Grey and Deb Habib, two of the founding Organizers tell the story.

Here are photos from the very first Festival, held in 1999 in a field at Seeds of Solidarity Farm.  Many of the people you see here are still involved in organizing the event 25 years later.

Below is a picture of Morris Metcalf and Tiger.  They provided hay rides all day.  Organizer Bruce Sherer says this:  “Children lulled by the hay and the rhythm of the hooves and sway of the wagon were found at the end of the day peacefully sleeping inside the wagon.  Tiger had the high honor of carrying Morris’s casket down Main Street in Orange to his final rest.  The procession was over a mile long.  Morris was the literal embodiment of the festival values of friendship and love.”

Morris Metcalf and Tiger

Morris Metcalf and Tiger

Doug Feeney displays his woodworking arts to potential customers.

People’s Pint – the only vendor that has been at every festival since the first.

Deb Habib and the first Seeds of Solidarity Garlic Stand.

Dory Forster and Suzanne Stewart’s flower display.

Jim Fountain’s hand built furniture.

Ricky Baruc and the SOL Gardeners.

The music stage was mounted on a flatbed.

Jackson the dog helped participants get comfortable.

Penelope Sullivan shopping

Stefan Maier welcomed participants as an Organ Grinder.

These are photos from the first Garlic and Arts Festival, held in 1999 in a field at the Seeds of Solidarity Farm and Education Center  Photo credit goes to Nicole Perron.