Story Pot by Artist Lydia Grey

Miracle of Life: Story Pot by Lydia Grey

We plan to hold the 2020 Festival on October 3 and 4.  Artist/Handmade Applications for the 2020 Festival are now available.  The due date for applications has been extended to June 1.  Payment options are available.  If payment is a problem right now please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will work something out with you.

If you have an inquiry related to Artists at the Festival, other than concerning participation in the 2020 Festival, you may submit it using the form at the bottom of the page.

2019 Artist Exhibitors (listed alphabetically)

“Art is to the soul what garlic is to the palate.” Just as garlic spices our daily food, art and craft spice our daily life. This festival brings together handmade treasures from the North Quabbin region: people working in workshops and studios making beautifully crafted things by hand. Some are professionals who travel all over to sell their work in galleries and festivals. Others feel the need to create after their “day jobs” are over, and some enjoy only selling their work at the festival each year. The festival is the place to meet many of the artists and craftspeople of our region, and to enjoy conversations and demonstrations with people who love to create.

Agatha O Photo – Pleun Bouricius – Montague, MA –AgathaO is the alter ego of writer, photographer, and histoian Pleun Bouricius, who creates detail studies, found still lifes, and amotional landscapes in hich she catches nature in the act of presenting itself as the highest art, undressed and open to the gaze of the latest passer-by. FB: @AgathaOPhoto

The Alchemy Studio – Mark Lattanzi – Montague, MA – Mark Lattanzi of The Alchemy Studio has been making silver jewelry for over 15 years. Mark’s jewelry fuses the intricate textures of nature and the glowing beauty of natural gemstones into one of a kind jewelry and statement pieces.      FB: @thealchemystudiowmass




Art Bug Illustrations – Chaldea Deyman – Greenfield, MA – Art Bug Illustrations believes kids should have fun wall art and long lasting natural toys that inspire the imagination. She creates original watercolor paintings, hand painted wooden blocks, and cotton road play mats. IG: @artbugillustrations



Bear Mountain Crochet – Kelly Adams – Wendell, MA – Bear Mountain Crochet features creative hats, headbands, and scarves handmade by Kelly Adams of Wendell. Kelly crochets vibrant clothing and mason mitts using 100% wool, organic cotton, and USA grown cotton yarns.




Bouncing Bet Soapworks Bouncing Bet Soapworks – Vicky Sandiford – Athol, MA – Bouncing Bet Soapworks aims to provide soap and other bath products made from simple, natural, herbal, and organic ingredients. They have many unscented as well as essential oil scented products.





The Bower Studio – Vincent Frano & Isa Wang- Pelham, MA – The Bower Studio is the collaborative project of Pelham based artists Isa Wang and Vincent Frano who illustrate and design naturalistic gifts, including plantable greeting cards. Their work highlights the diversity of American flora and fauna with handmade products that use environmentally friendly materials. FB and IG: @TheBowerStudio


Branch & Beak – Sheena P. – Montague, MA –Spellcraft & magical herbalism and modern witchraft = practical spiritual tools for the modern witch. Muggles Welcome! FB and IG: @branchandbeak





Broken Stitches – Deb Hendrickson RoseMarie Haley – Athol, MA –  Fiber crafted items including quilts, table runners, placemats, handbags, and tote bags.






Cara Finch Fine Art – Greenfield, MA – Cara Finch is a painter as well as an illustrator having created several book covers. Her work depicts images that symbolize various social issues along with her love of nature expressing her belief that spirituality can be connected to us through the great outdoors.




Cohen Tiles – Michael Cohen – Pelham, MA –Studio potter and tile maker for over 50 years. Tiles sold all over the country. Founder of Asparagus Valley Potter’s Guild. Work in museums, books and other publications.



Dragonfly Designs – Melinda LeLacheur – Shutesbury, MA – Good health and happiness! Melinda enjoys thoughtfully creating with natural fabrics, beads, and wire, while playing with texture, pattern, and color. Look for the color splash of her therapy pillows and frogs, tote bags, whimsical stuffed animals, and beaded bugs.




Evans Country Clean – Evan & Angelica Paradis – Northfield, MA – Evan’s Country Clean products are handmade in small batches using the healthiest ingredients to protect and hydrate your skin. FB and IG: EvansCountryClean




Fashiopurse – Jennia Karron – New Salem, MA – Jennia Karron is a sewing artist who graduated design school and worked in the bridal industry. Her latest passion is designing and manufacturing handbags out of cork fabric. FB and IG: @fashiopurse




Firecrow Handwovens – Kathy Litchfield – Warwick, MA – Master Weaver Kathy Litchfield, a weaver since 2005, integrates both color and structure into her originally designed pieces, handwoven on 8-harness floor looms. She studied journalism, marketing, and graphic design before embarking upon her weaving career, and had dreamed of weaving since visiting Old Sturbridge Village as a child.




 Forster Family Creative Endeavors – Nancy Forster, Karen Mathers – Leverett, MA





Giannantonio Design – Sandra Giannantonio – Spencer, MA – As a ceramic artists for over 30 years, Sandra has created both functional and decorative pieces including ceramic pendants, beads, mugs, and plates. All of her ork is decorated with textxured and illustrated surfaces that are drawn and hand-carved with designs related to nature.


Hannon Made – Josh Hannon – Greenfield, MA – Josh Hannon enjoys using a blend of domestic and exotic woods to create wooden household items in exciting and colorful patterns. FB and IG: @HannonMade





Jason Ballard Designs – Jason Ballard – Wendell, MA – Jason Ballard is a self-taught artist in wood since 1999 and builds custom functional art in furniture, cabinetry, sculpture, and more. IG: @jasonballarddesigns




Joy Friedman Pottery – Joy Friedman – Leverett, MA –Joy Friedman is a professional potter making functional stoneware to use in your daily life. It is decorative, colorul, durable, and safe for microwave, dishwasher, and over. FB: @joyfriedmanpottery






Kristen Nicholas DesignsKristen Nicholas –  Leyden, MA – Kristin Nicholas is an artist and author working in ceramics, fabric design and authoring books about needlework and crafting for interiors. The common thread through all her work is her love of color and pattern which she combines into joyful products for the home. FB: @kristinnicholasdesigns IG: @kristinnicholas




Ky’s Krafts – Kyla Ploof – Orange, MA – Hand-picked and beautifully selected with care, thesee hand-pressed flower pieces are truly one of a kind. From jewelry to home decor, these unique pieces make the perfect gift for any nature lover. FB and IG: @kyscrafts7




Laureen Shea – Leverett, MA –Laureen Shea lives and works in Leverett, MA and enjoying painting, nature, and her grandkids.







LégèreWear – Thérèse Légère – Shutesbury, MA – Vibrant colors, luxurious textures, and fun designs are the hallmark at LégèreWear. Thérèse Légère weaves signature scarves, one of a kind clothing, and accessories.







Moon on Mattawa Studios – Shali Sanders – Orange, MA – Shali Sanders is a life-long artisan and practicing the evolution of color and form. Jeff Anderson, in Piscean mode, loves fish and has carved their images for eons with love. FB and IG: @shalisanders








 New England Fiber Arts – Sandra Tobin –  New Salem, MA – Sandy is a versatile fiber artist who’s work includes reversible aprons and bibs, coiled fabric bowls, balsam gifts made from recycled Christmas trees, and patchwork wall hangings and runners. The hallmark of her work is fine workmanship coupled with fun and colorful fabrics that play well together. FB and IG: @newenglandfiberarts




North Quabbin Photography – Dale Monette – New Salem, MA – Dale Monette has worked in the Quabbin for 30 years. Since retiring in 2014, he has made images of the Quabbin highlighting its animals and the four seasons of the year.





Nuthatch & Bluet Studio – Susie Secco – Northfield, MA – Nuthatch & Bluet Studio grew out of Susie’s love of color, patterns, and textiles. She is most inspired by the natural world, but also draws from her love of Scandinavian design. Hand-carved blocks are used to print on fabric creating useful pieces of art. FB: @nuthatchandbluet




Prana Planks – Emily Royal – Winchendon, MA – Emily Royal is a career graphic designer and artist based in Winchendon. Herr decorative work is a representation of organic shapes positioned in geometric patterns that create a meditative ambiance. IG: @drawer.fullof.drawings







 Rings of Change – James Payne – Athol, MA – James Payne is an engineer by training who likes to work with his hands and create rings out of old coins.




Simple Shoemaking – Sharon Raymond – Shutesbury, MA – Sharon Raymond uses leather upholstery remnants and inner tubes to make ecological footwear for children and adults.






 Snow Flake Mittens – Lettie Posk & Rae Kramer – Athol, MA – Lettie and Rae have been recycling wool sweaters into fleece-lined mittens for more than ten years.





 Spoon River Jewelry – Deva and Trish Casimira – Wendell, MA – Deva & Trish have been making wind chimes, spoon rings, jewelry and accessories for more than 30 years. It began by making wind chimes as a lullaby to the earth and now have more than a dozen beautiful products made from antique silverware.





Strongford Ltd. Fine Arts & Historic Crafts – Louis Garcia – Worcester, MA – Hand made Historical Viking and Anglo-Saxan Jewelry and accessories. FB: @StrongfordLtd





 Stillwater Flutes, Standing Bear Drums, Windsong Herbal – Larry ‘Windsong Healer’ Anderson and Michael Longrider – Orange, MA – Larry and Michael craft Native American style flutes and drums from 10″ up to 50″ in diameter. Michael is a Native American Music award winner.


Swift River Glass – Ina Peebles – Wendell, MA – Swift River Glass creates beautiful dichrotic glass, sterling silver, and bronze jewelry. Often, semi-precious stones and resin enamel are added to her creations.




Turn, Turn, Turn – Sam Scherer – Orange, MA – Sam Scherer offers a variety of wooden bowls, plates, tops, yoyos, hollow form vessels, and burls turned on a lathe, all made from maple, birch, oak, cherry, beech, and other woods.





Unwined Studio – Donna Roy – South Hadley, MA – Donna Roy is the owner of Unwined Studdio and a post-consumer warm-glass artist who holds a BFA from the University of Massachusetts. Using recycled wine and liquor bottles, float glass and stained-glass scrap, she creates colorul, decorative, and functional glass art for home and garden using several demanding skills, including fusing, enameling, and copper metal work. Her passion is to show that recycling can be fun, beautiful, and unexpected. FB: @unwinedstudio IG: @unwined_studio

WEAVING ARTcetera – Adele Smith-Penniman – Wendell, MA – Wendell fiber artist Adele Smith-Penniman weaves unique scarves, bags, and wall hangings, batiks, and notecards, often using African indigo.





Wee Things Fiber Arts – Rachel Beaupré – Montague, MA – Artist Rachel Bbeaupré opened the Wee Things Fiber Arts studio in 2014 inspired by her children’s endless curiosity with the natural world. Using 100% natural materials, Rachel creates eco-friendly, heirloom quality toys and soft sculptures that celebrate our natural environment.




Wild Child Tye Dyes – Jodi Levine – Pelham, MA – Jodi has been playing with color and fabric for thirty years, creating bright, color-fast clothing for the whole family. She lives in Pelham with her family and is also a library director. FB: @wildchildtiedyes





Wild Edge Floral – Kate Stafford – Greenfield, MA – Wild Edge Floral creates wreaths and other botanical decor from locally and ethically gathered plants. Each piece is uniquely beautiful, long lasting, and a celebration of our local flora.. FB and IG: @wildedgefloral




Wyrd Sisters Wyrd Sisters – Elizabeth Smith & Heather Clark – Millers Falls, MA – Wyrd Sisters is the informal name for the creative partnership between Elizabeth Smith and Heather (Morgan) Clark. They have been friends for over 20 years, have worked together since 1996, and although they each have their own style and favored mediums, they are constantly sharing ideas, thoughts, design possibilities, new creative endeavors, and from time to time studio space.


If you’d like to inquire about anything artist related, please fill out this form and Diane Nassif or Lou Leelyn, Artist Coordinators for the Festival Organizing Committee, will get back to you as soon as possible.