Community Organizations

Community is at the heart of the mission and values of the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival. Local community organizations have booths and tables to share the wonderful service, justice, environmental, education and health work they contribute to the region.

These are the community organizations that will be at the 2017 festival:

  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby – works to create the political will and lobbies Congress to pass Federal carbon fee and dividend legislation
  • Coop Power – a consumer owned sustainable energy cooperative working for fossil fuel freedom and community ownership of energy resources (community solar, biodiesel, energy efficiency)
  • Mass. Forest Rescue Campaign – educates about the benefits of healthy, intact forests and their positive impacts on climate, biodiversity, and health
  • Mount Grace Land Conservation Trustprotects significant natural, agricultural, and scenic areas and encourages land stewardship for the benefit of the economy, environment, and future generations. Special exhibit on the importance of farmers and farmland in the North Quabbin region, with a raffle to benefit farmland conservation
  • New England Organ Bank – information about organ donation with free promotional materials and a chance to talk with recipients
  • Nolumbeka Project dedicated to preserving New England’s Tribal heritage: a 12,000 year legacy of earth connection and sustainability by honoring the past, healing the present and celebrating the future. Raffle of items donated by Potumtuck Homelands Festival vendors
  • North Quabbin Visitors Bureauprovides maps and tourism materials to attract more visitors to the beautiful North Quabbin region’s events, cultural offerings, recreational and agro-tourism opportunities
  • North Quabbin Trails Associationa stewardship, map-making and hiking organization that opens up new trails and connects trail systems in the North Quabbin region. Maps of local trails for purchase.
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)/Massachusettsprovides education and advocacy to expand the production and availability of nutritious foods from living soils for the health of individuals, communities and the planet
  • Quabbin Composting & Organic Gardening Programworks to protect the environment for future generations by recycling food resources, through sustainable agriculture, and by encouraging these practices in our community.
  • Voter Choice Massachusetts– information about ranked choice voting and how it works.

In addition, several other organizations will be interspersed throughout the festival and listed on other pages on this website such as those in the renewable energy area, or in the food courts, raising money for their causes.