Healing Arts

Celebrate Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Our local North Quabbin region Healing Arts Practitioners are here to provide and promote complementary health care choices for you.  Don’t miss this opportunity to sooth and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  Use the videos provided below, and on our full playlist for Healing Arts, to enhance your own healing in these stressful times.  And support these local practitioners by taking advantage of their services and products.  Watch Janet Masucci and Karen Traub reflect on their memories of participating in the Festival.  One of them won the garlic eating contest!

Our Healing Arts Practitioners are:

  • Phoebe and Zoe Burch, Burch Girls Lip Balm, Petersham, MA – Homemade local lip balms and eye pillows.
  • Marie Elena Bigelow, Earthly Delights, Orange, MA – Harvests and produces a serum/cream from organically-based chaga with essential oils.

She says “It is my greatest satisfaction to be involved in the initial Chaga harvest. Finding the “black gold” is always cause for celebration. The black that you see is where most melanin is found (the sclerotium) and also works as a natural sunscreen and known protective barrier to skin melanomas.”  Watch Marie Elena harvest chaga in these two videos:   Harvesting Chaga 1 and Harvesting Chaga 2.

Karen Traub and Janet Masucci demonstrate some acupoints and a guided meditation to help with building the immune system and and staying calm and grounded:

Use the form below to get in touch with Janet, the Healing Arts Organizer, with any questions or comments except for applying for the 2020 Festival.