Climate Action for All

Peace for All Children

A beautiful metal globe, “The World We Love,”  crafted by Terri Bucci and Bruce Scherer, is the focus of a new venue at the festival called Climate Action for All.  The globe spins on its tilted axis — a work of art!  Located up the hill from the Main Stage, on the way to the upper Food Court and the Spoken Word Stage, everyone can visit and add their vision for the world of the future to the globe.

Members of climate action groups will be on hand to share their ideas about how local communities can organize to invent new ways to live together on earth.

  • Climate Action Now is dedicated to building a powerful,  unstoppable climate justice movement in our corner of the world.
  • Mothers Out Front is a group of mothers who refuse to stand idle while climate change threatens the future of our children!
  • Leaf Boat Theater – Leaf Boat Theater, serves the human journey towards loving interdependence through ritual theater, music, puppets, goofiness, and direct actions for the sake of all beings.  Look for the puppets and performers on the field throughout the day.

Leaf Boat

The Kids Activity Tent will be located in the Climate Action for All area as well, with an opportunity for kids of all ages to make flags with environmental themes on them.  All are welcome to carry a flag and join the puppets and dancers in the parade that begins at 3:15 each day.  Leaf Boat Theater will guide the parade from the four corners of the festival field, culminating in a 3:30 performance for all ages at the kid’s activity tent entitled “The World We Love is in Our Hands.”