Kids Activities and Games

Tug of Garlic!The festival is family friendly and rich with fabulous art, nature and adventure activities for kids and families! There are many new happenings this year around the kids area and knoll near the main stage. Free and fun!



Ongoing 2016 activities include:

  • Hoola Hooping with Alotta Hoopla plus special demonstrations at 2PM each day
  • Create with Clay in the Potter’s All Clay Guild tent
  • Facepainting with ‘three sisters’- Tiffany, Kenzie and Tory- in the kids area (for a modest fee to support these young artists)
  • Leatherwork with Raven’s Treehouse Intertribal Crafting
  • Horse-drawn hayrides leave from the top of the hill beyond the Food Court.

Tim Van Egmond, Skeleton Crew Theater, and Actors/Musicians from TheatreTruck and The Water Project (being performed at nearby Swift River Historical Society Sept 22-24) will be roaming the field too!

Scheduled happenings:

  • Experience a rare and amazing collection: Two Horses Native Artifact collection and education from 12.00 to 2.00 each day:  stone arrowheads of various sizes and purposes, spear and knife heads, tools and sacred effigies.  Each item was hand knapped with flint, then meticulously sharpened with deer antler to a cutting edge, dating from 12,000 years ago to present.  The collection is used for educational purposes in schools and community settings and shared by Walt Two Horses and Jetta Petrie

Garlic games takes place throughout the weekend. Allium (that’s latin for garlic) antics take place in the games area in front of the Seeds of Solidarity tent and include:

  • Garlic and Egg Toss
  • Garlic Sack Race
  • Tug of Garlic…
  • And, do not miss the famous Raw Garlic Eating Contest led by gamesmaster for 16 years running, Josh Habib, at 3PM on Saturday in front of the Seeds of Solidarity tent! (where you can sign up earlier in the day to participate) See if you can eat over 30 cloves like the winners… or at least try one then cheer them on and enjoy the antics.

Plus lots of on-going demos at artist and agriculture booths that are great for all ages.

Schedules and a map of the field may be downloaded for your convenience.