Spoken Word Stage

The Festival was held on September 30 and October 1, 2023 this year.  We welcome you to join us at the Spoken Word Stage next year.  If you are interested in performing on the Spoken Word Stage in 2024, please fill out the form below.  If you missed the festival or you didn’t get a chance to pick up your copy of the Anthology, you can get it here


Every year Human Error Publishing creates the SPOKEN WORD Stage, which is located at the back left corner of the festival when coming from the main gate.  Follow the signs.  This stage opens at 11:30 each day with half hour sets of 2 to 3 writers sharing their poetry, spoken word, and stories (see schedule here). This is not a children’s area for stories for many of the writers are writing about their lives and experiences which may not be appropriate for younger children. There will be books for sale by many of the writers who will be presenting their work.  In 2020 we created a  YouTube channel with some of the poets who have been at the festival.  Check out the writers Here