Spoken Word Stage

If you are interested in performing on the Spoken Word Stage in 2022, please fill out the form below, we will keep you posted as to any changes that might happen due to covid.

This year we have uploaded to our new youtube channel some of the poets who have been at the festival. Check back regularly for the channel will be updated and also check out all the other playlists, there is a lot of great things that happen at the festival.           

Check out the writers Here

Paul Richmond has a new book out “The 24 Hour Store was Closed” you can buy it here.  For local folks you can paypal him for a signed copy, Sliding scale $12 to $20 to cover shipping, send address if you want it mailed or he will meet you in town, safe distance, click here to pay so no money has to be exchanged on meeting.  Please help support the authors who have read on at the festival, start collecting your winter reading, gifts, etc support local artists.  More authors will be added. For all Human Error Published authors you can find their books here and links to buy them.


Every year Human Error Publishing creates the SPOKEN WORD Stage, which is located at the back left corner of the festival when coming from the main gate.

Hope to see you next year.