Spoken Word Stage Schedule

The schedule of performers for 2019 on the Spoken Word Stage may be found below. All the writers who are taking part have their bios on the Spoken Word Stage page, if we have them. The stage is located towards the back left of the festival from the front gate, in the North field.  You can download a copy of the full festival schedule, including the Spoken Word Stage here.

Time Performers Saturday Performers Sunday
11:30 Carol Mays
John Burroughs
Amy Laprade
Michael Young
Jim Whitten – Izikhotane
12:00 Rick Marsh
Deborah Rolski
Gerald Yelle
Karl Meyer
James Smethurst
David Bulley
12:30 D. O.
Janet Bowdan
Cindy Markevich
Lindy Whiton
Amie Hyson
Richard Wayne Horton
1:00 Elaine Reardon
llina Singh
Marian Kelner
Daniel Hales
Ernie Brill
Paul Richmond
1:30 Doug Anderson
Karen Skolfield
Paul Richmond
Jovonna Van Pelt
John Burroughs
Sharon Harmon
2:00 Angel Martinez
Carlos Raúl Dufflar
Adam Grabowski
Andrew Shelffo
Brian Adams
Lou Conover
2:30 Ron Whittle
Paul Szlosek
Eric Wasileski
David Wyman
Lori Lamothe
Edite Cunha