Spoken Word Stage Schedule

Here is the schedule of performers on the Spoken Word Stage for 2016.  The stage is located in a clearing in the North field.  You can download a copy of the full festival schedule, including the Spoken Word Stage here.

Time Performers Saturday Performers Sunday
11:30 Richard Horton/Paul Richmond Daniel Hales/James Smethurst
12:00 Howie Faerstein/Sharon Harmon Morning Star/Paul Richmond
12:30  Gary Phillips/Grete Miller Lori Lamothe/Tantra Zawadi
1:00  Tantra Zawadi/Paul Richmond Karl Meyer/Candace Curran
1:30 Rosie McMahan/Adam Grabowski Gerry Yelle/Forrest Proper
2:00 Cindy Markevich/Alice Barrett Edite Cunha/Lea Banks
2:30  Mary Clare Powell/Doug Anderson Rick Marsh/Gary Phillips
3:00  Rescue Poetix/Marian Keiner Rescue Poetix/ Izikhotane
3:30  d.o./Janet Aalfs Elizabeth Macduffie/Amy Laprade