Spoken Word Stage Schedule

AnthologyIn 2023 we will be celebrating 10 years of Words on the Word Stage at the Garlic & Arts Festival.

Paul Richmond has created an anthology of many of the writers who have performed at the Word Stage over the last 10 years. It will be sold for $15 at the Word Stage and the Information Booth.  Be sure to come see us and get your copy.

We hope to see you at the Word Stage, this is not a children’s story telling stage.  There are  other areas for children.

We have uploaded to our youtube channel some of the poets who have been at the festival. You can view them Here

The 2023 schedule of Spoken Word performers is below and may be downloaded here:

Time Performers Saturday Performers Sunday
11:30 Suzanne S. Rancourt Candace Curran Roger Martin
12:00 Rich Michelson
Doug Anderson
Jovonna Van Pelt
12:30 Linda Wlodyka
Edite Cunhā
Lindy Whiton
Amie Hyson
1:00 Adam Grabowski
Lee Desrosiers
Jacob Chapman
Janet Aalfs
1:30 Robert Eugene Perry
Elaine Reardon
D. O.
Chaya Grossberg
2:00 Deborah Tosun Kilday
Mike Kilday
Margaret R. Sáraco
C D Finley (Fin)
Rick Paar
Paul Richmond
2:30 Dinah Kudatsky
Thomas Ratté
Angel Martinez
Carlos Raul Dufflar
Margaret R. Sáraco
3:00 Paul Richmond
Tony Vacca
Write to Heal, Right to Feel Writers Group
Dina Stander  Connie Owens
Deb Habib  Amy Simmons
Anne Diemand