Spoken Word Stage Schedule

In 2022 we were excited to be back with a new line up of great writers from the valley. You will find many of them have links to their web sites for more information if you don’t know them

We hope to see you at the Word Stage, this is not a children’s story telling stage, there are  other areas for children.

In 2022 there was a pop up poet’s table with a typewriter, where poets will be writing poems or passersby will write a poem. There was also a “Wind Phone “, phone booth set up. It was a place to talk to those who you knew that have died. You go in and make a phone call to them..We have uploaded to our youtube channel some of the poets who have been at the festival. You can view them Here

In 2022 these were the Spoken Word performers:

Time Performers Saturday Performers Sunday
11:30 Marie Gauthier
Michael Young
Amie Hyson,   Lindy Whiton    Thomas Ratte
12:00 Gerald Yelle
Janice Sorensen
Richie Davis
Robert Eugene Perry
12:30 SuzanneRancourt
Mary Clare Powell
Doug Selwyn
Jan Maher
1:00 d.o.
Deborah Rolski
Sharon Ann Harmon
Karen Warinsky
Janet Aalfs
1:30 Debbie T. Kilday Mike L Kilday Janine Roberts
Dina Stander
2:00 Dina Stander
Lori Desrosiers
Edite Cunha
Jovonna Van  Pelt





Meat for Tea Writers
Candace Curran
Joshua Stewart

Paul Richmond
Tony Vacca


Angel Martinez
Carlos Raúl Dufflar 

Preston Hood