Portal to the Future

Portal to the Future

The North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival may look like just good old-fashioned fun or a great way to spend a day or a weekend in the present. But we also like to think of it as a “Portal to the Future,” and here’s why.

So many of the large-scale systems that support our modern lives are stretched thin, breaking, or already broken.  Creating a more just and sustainable future asks us to live in very different ways.  We need to learn to root ourselves in place, community, and the kind of skills that let us make and do things for ourselves, by hand and with creativity and heart.  And we need to make thoughtful, respectful use of our precious resources.

The good news is that the future is already taking shape all around the festival site and in the community that supports it. You’ll find it everywhere, from our mission statement to the many features that make this a Green and Clean event to the amazing array of skills that our vendors bring to their work.

The 2017 festival will once again feature a “Portal to the Future” area at the north end of the site that will highlight some of the ways that art, food, small-scale farming, renewable energy, care for the land, and hand skills all contribute to community-building and local resilience.

Electric vehicles, such as this Chevy Volt will again be on display.  Learn  more about this technology and how you can own a vehicle that has a range of 200 miles on a charge.

Make sure to step through the portal for:

  • presentations on renewable energy, green buildings, growing food, and much more in the Energy tent
  • good food including garlic ice cream!