What’s New?

In 2019 the Organizers will continue to celebrate 21 years of this Fantastic Festival.  Who would have imagined that in 1999, when a small group of people gathered and decided to hold a Festival, that it would have thrived and grown into its current incarnation — a family-friendly and hugely popular event that showcases the beauty and talent of the North Quabbin region.  Still passionate about upholding the mission of the festival to preserve and support the environment and the community, the organizers strive to bring new ideas, exhibitors, vendors, and experiences to festival attendees each year.

We made some changes to the admissions prices and process.  The new admission is:  $10 for adults; $5 for students, seniors and EBT cardholders; kids 12 and under free.  Your Saturday admission will get you in on Sunday too.  The discount for EBT cardholders is provided through the festival’s participation in the Card to Culture program, a initiative of the Department of Transitional Assistance and the Mass Cultural Council.

Credit and debit cards as well as Common Good local currency will be accepted at the Entry Gates and the Sales Tent.

Two new chefs will be at the Chef Demonstration Tent this year.  Be sure to stop by on Saturday to enjoy the culinary arts of:

Nyanyika BandaNyanyika Banda, who is returning to the Amherst area from the Midwest, and


Nalinis KitchenNalini Goordial, who runs Nalini’s Kitchen at the Quabbin Harvest Coop.



Once again, thanks to Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics and Domestic DC Systems, the entire festival — stages and vendors — will be powered by solar and batteries.  No running generators will be required.  And a Chevy Volt will be used to power the Renewable Energy tent!

In the Portal to the Future this year we are presenting this question:  What’s the Deal with the New Green? (…or what can YOU do to ensure there is a livable Earth for next generations?).  Young folks from the Sunrise Movement and and Extinction Rebellion (XR) as well as older folks from North Quabbin Energy will be on hand to answer your questions and help you make choices about how to Go Greener.  There will also be a series of stations on the path from the Kids Activity Tent to the Portal, where you can come up with your own Go Greener Goals and post them for others to see.

Erics Tiny House

We are grateful to Eric Daniel of Orange for making his new tiny house available for an open house at the festival this year.  Eric and Mark Smallidge, of New Salem, designed the house in which Eric will live.  Mark, from Smallidge Woodcraft, is finishing the project now.


Tiny House InteriorWill it be complete by the weekend of the festival?  Come and see it as you make your way to the Portal to the Future.