What’s New?

This year the Organizers are celebrating 20 years of this Fantastic Festival.  Who would have imagined that in 1999, when a small group of people gathered and decided to hold a Festival, that it would have thrived and grown into its current incarnation — a family-friendly and hugely popular event that showcases the beauty and talent of the North Quabbin region.  Still passionate about upholding the mission of the festival to preserve and support the environment and the community, the organizers strive to bring new ideas, exhibitors, vendors, and experiences to festival attendees each year.

For 2018 they are sharing the bounty of the North Quabbin region with the Festival attendees.  Pick up a packet of Bee the Change pollinator seeds from American Meadows at the Portal to the Future or the Kids Activity Tent — a gift from the festival to sow goodness far and wide.

Got lawn?  There are more sustainable alternatives.  Step through the Portal to the Future and see how you can make your lawn disappear — into cover crops, pollinator plants, and food for your family and friends.

On Sunday, at 3 PM, a parade, led by the Expandable Brass Band and MuZen Puppet Theater, will circle the field, joined by children, puppets, and enthusiastic supporters.  A moment of peaceful silence will be observed in the games area.  And a giant “birthday” cake served to all.

If you want to know how the Festival came to be held at Forster’s Farm, hear the story as performed by Grandma Forster herself — as part of the contribution of MuZen Puppet Theater to this year’s festival.  Twice a day “Grandma” will tell the “Tales of the Farm” in the MuZen Puppet tent on the Main Field, below the bread oven.  Check the schedules and field map for times and location.

We heard our attendees and have made a change to the admissions process.  Credit/debit cards will be accepted at the Entry Gates and at the Sales Tent.